Top Things You Can Buy Using Bitcoin

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If you are a crypto enthusiast or an investor, you would like to know what can I buy with Bitcoin? If I invest in cryptocurrency and hold crypto assets for a while.

 With time, bitcoin has gained much more traction than ever before that’s why many sectors are embracing the potential of cryptocurrency to eliminate they are reliant on a central authority to process and validate the transaction.

 Owing to the fact bitcoin favours anonymous transactions, many retail investors, enterprises, business owners, tech giant, and cryptocurrency aficionado prefer it as a default method of payment.

 Even though bitcoin is far from eradicating traditional fiat currency, but many businesses are accepting bitcoin as a medium of exchange for the products and services. Nowadays, you can book freight tickets via bitcoin, buy products from various e-commerce sites, pay for Netflix subscription and the list goes on.

 In this short and brief article, I’ll walk you through all those things you can purchase using bitcoin.

Travel Tickets

Travel and tourism is an industry that keeps on expanding day by day. Some companies simplify the freight booking process for their potential users by accepting a bitcoin as a default mode of payment.

 Expedia, the most prominent tourism site allows its users to book an online hotel from the remote place is now accepting bitcoin as a default method of payment.

 Additionally, companies like CheapAir also accepts payment for airline bookings via bitcoin.

 Foods and Beverages

Are you craving for a pizza, but have no change? Luckily, Pizzaforcoins is a California-based service that allows its users to purchase from the various pizza suppliers of the country, such as Pizza Hut and Papa John’s using the Bitcoin as the medium of transaction apart from the fiat money.

 The working methodology of Pizzaforcoins is pretty much straightforward. It prompts its users to enter their details. Once the user enters his/her physical location, it displays all the available pizza places on the users’ premises.

 Game and Entertainment Industry

Microsoft’s Xbox store and window store are amongst the big players in the gaming and entertainment industry. They allow their users to pay for the games and movies via bitcoin. In order to make a purchase of games and movies from the Microsoft’s Xbox store, you first have to load bitcoin into your Microsoft account and then use it as a default mode of payment whenever you are checking out.

gaming pc

However, the biggest caveat while using bitcoin as a mode of transaction for buying games or movies from the Microsoft’s Xbox store is that once you’ve deposited a bitcoin into your Microsoft account, you cannot withdraw that so be cautious while depositing bitcoin.


A great number of online retail stores have incorporated bitcoin as a medium of payment on their site owing to the widespread popularity of cryptocurrency. With the recent developments in the cryptocurrency, the issue of scalability in cryptocurrency is resolved up to the greatest extent that further paves the way for the massive adoption of bitcoin, particularly by the retail stores.

As of now, many retail stores and online shopping sites prefer bitcoin over the traditional fiat currency. Esty, a well-known e-commerce store accepts bitcoin as a medium of exchange for the products.

Reed Jewelers, a well-known online store for jewellery and accessories in America has its branches in more than 13 states of America accepts bitcoin as a medium of payments for the watches, diamonds, jewellery and many more.


So far we’ve discussed a long list of products and services that can be bought via bitcoin. With time and with the recent developments in cryptocurrency such as endorsement by the Public Republic of China, we are getting much closer to the widespread adoption of bitcoin as the most prominent and universally used digital currency.

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