Sonic The Hedgehog Retro Game Comeback

1991 sega mega drive

DR EggmanSonic the Hedgehog is a retro game that is created and owned by Sega. The game was launched in 1991 which makes it approximately 29 years old. However numerous versions of the game have been released until recently which are available at the more advanced gaming platforms including the gaming consoles as well. However, here we are discussing the retro and original version of the game.

The game features a blue hedgehog named sonic that fights a mad doctor named Dr Eggman to stop him from his evil plots. The newer versions of the game offer single-player and multiplayer options to the players but the original retro game obviously didn’t have the multiplayer option.

Stunning Game-play

The gameplay includes sonic running through the story collecting rings as the timer runs. He comes across various obstacles like spikes, bees and other insects that post a threat to sonic and the player needs to avoid them.

The objective is to get to the finish line as fast as possible while collecting the maximum number of coins. There are some squared boxes that when jumped on release ten coins. There are special features spread across the game. One example is the ability of sonic to go super-fast by collecting a special item placed in a box.

Top Visuals

The game featured a nice graphic set for the time when it was launched however by modern standards it is below average and that is understandable realizing the fact that the game was launched around 29 years ago. By taking this into account, the graphics start feeling pretty good.


controls options

As it is easily understandable, game controls play a key role in the success of the overall game. This is because any game that features very difficult controls is likely to be left by the players. Similarly, all games that the players find too easy to master are also not liked by them.

Sonic the Hedgehog creates a balance of the two and while the game is easy to play using the retro gaming consoles and their controllers, it still needs some effort which is a good thing because it makes the game a bit challenging. Players have to jump at the right times to avoid obstacles. For example, if the player is unable to jump at the right time, the game might end if sonic lands on thorns.

The game is pretty old now and for most of us, it is reminiscent of our childhood times when playing a game like Sonic the Hedgehog was our favourite pass time. However, times have changed now and with the more advanced games and powerful top-notch gaming consoles now being able to run games with extremely high-quality graphics, sonic seems a story of the past.

But still, although kids from the recent times might not have any interest in playing a game like sonic the hedgehog, players from 25 years ago would drool over the game if they get a chance to relive their past.

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