Johnny Trigger

jonny trigger

Johnny Trigger is an action-based mobile game that has been developed by SayGames for both iOS and Android platforms. SayGames has also developed several other famous mobile games including Sand Balls, Perfect Slices and Turbo Stars.


The game currently has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play and carries a rating of 4.4/5.0 while having more than 800,000 reviews from global players. The game is free to play and has a simple yet engaging and entertaining interface that isn’t very requirement hungry which leads to an entertaining experience for everyone.

Unlike many other modern games, Johnny Triggers isn’t a bandwidth guzzler and with a mere size of 73 MBs, it is a great option for the players that don’t have the option to choose heavy games. It needs Android versions 4.1 and above which makes it available on pretty much all Android devices in use today.

The game features a quick and interactive experience and upon launching the app, the users are greeted by a landing screen that offers details regarding gameplay including the cash and gems possessed by the player. The settings option is also present on this screen. It allows players to switch the sounds and music on or off as per their liking. Options including the character’s Outfits and Guns are available at this screen which is updated over time as players make progress in the game.

The game can be initiated by players by a simple tap on the landing screen. The character starts moving and is provided with six bullets initially for firing at the enemies. Firing is done by tapping the screen. Each level ends upon reaching a checkpoint whereby players earn cash and gems, according to their performance, which can be used for the in-app purchases. The game becomes more challenging as the levels progress. Visuals

The colorful and vibrant visuals help in promoting a friendly and positive aesthetic that complements the on-screen adrenaline-powered activity. The high contrast ratio of the visuals makes the gameplay very attractive and engaging.

Furthermore, the character having his dark shades and trendy attire looks very stylish and is appealing enough to have an identity of his own. The quality of graphics is another key element of the game. The overall visuals are soothing for the eyes and playing the game is a highly entertaining and satisfying experience that most users find highly addictive.


Johnny Trigger offers the best of both worlds as the game is challenging enough to keep the players engaged. One missed hit and your game is done. Side by side, it is easy enough to be played casually for mere entertainment purposes. Another important aspect is the simplified user interface, which helps to improve the experience.

Final Verdict

As it is a free to play game, Johnny Trigger is a great option for fans of the “Action Games” category. I consider it one of the best games that can captivate players looking for a casual yet entertaining gaming experience.

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